What if the donor received Goods or Services in exchange for his gift?

Organizations are required to provide a written acknowledgment to a donor who receives goods or services in exchange for a payment in excess of $75.  If a donor gives you a gift of $100 in exchange for concert tickets with a fair market value of $40, then you must provide a written acknowledgment because their gift exceeded $75.  The donor will not be able to deduct more than $60.  The written acknowledgment must include the name of the organization, the date and amount of the gift, and the following statement “In exchange for your contribution, we gave you __________ with an estimated fair market value of ____.”  Goods and Services are considered to be insubstantial if (1) the fair market value of the benefit does not exceed 2% of the contribution or $76 or (2) the gift is at least $43, and the only items provided bear the organization’s name or logo and the cost of these items is less than $8.60.

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