Commuting vs. Business Miles

What is considered commuting miles?

Commute miles are from your home to your first business location and from your last business location to your home.  Multiple trips you make throughout the day to your home are also considered commuting.  Returning to the church from home for an evening meeting (such as a board meeting) would be considered commuting.  Driving to church on Sunday would be considered commuting.  Commute miles are always personal miles.When you leave the metropolitan area where you live and normally work you are no longer commuting.  Miles from your home to a business location outside of the area would not be commute miles.

What is considered business miles?

Business miles are any miles which you drive from one business location to another.  Such as from the church to the post office or from the church to visit a church member.Any miles you drive for business that require you leave the metropolitan area where you live and normally work are also business miles.  Such as making a hospital visit to a member in a hospital which is located out of the area in which most of your church members live.  In this case you may begin the trip from your home or any other location in your area.

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