IRS Notice

In our experience over 90% of the IRS notices received by Pastors regarding a Pastor’s tax return are in error because the IRS computers are not designed with a Pastor in mind.

If the IRS has changed your return…

and has increased your refund, DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHECK.  If the IRS is claiming that you owe an additional amount, call our office for counsel.

When the IRS changes a return usually one of two things has happened.

1.  The IRS computers are having a problem calculating your return correctly because of the complications which exist in preparing a return for a dual-status minister.

2.  The information or form used to prepare your return was inaccurate.

Please mail us a copy of the notice or email us for a secure upload link, and if the IRS has made incorrect changes, we will write a letter for you to send to the IRS.  This usually corrects the problem.

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