Contribution Limits on a 403-b

As of the 2002 tax year the voluntary contribution limit has increased to the smaller of:  1) 100% of income or 2) the amount from the table below.

Tax Year Maximum Contribution Max Contribution Age 50+
2018 18,500 24,500
2019 19,000 25,000
2021 19,500 26,000
2022 20,500 27,000
2023 22,500 30,000
2024 23,000 30,500

There is also a catch-up provision for pastors who have been in the ministry for 15 years or longer.  An additional $15,000 can be contributed at a rate not to exceed $3,000 a year.  This would limit your yearly contributions to the smaller of 1) 100% of your includible compensation or 2) the amount from the table plus $3,000. You may wish to refer to IRS Publication 571 for additional information regarding contribution limits and for general information regarding the 403(b).

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