Can I efile the return you prepare for me?

Many of you have asked if it is possible to e-file your return.  We cannot e-file the return for you since you are not in our presence, but you can e-file the return yourself.  If you chose to do so, we would recommend  Unfortunately, we are unable to help with e-filing issues.  We have tried over the years to offer help to others, but we were never able to successfully help anyone with their e-file efforts – not once.  With so many failed attempts to try and help someone e-file and because of how time consuming those attempts proved to be, we have had to institute the policy that we cannot answer questions about e-filing.

It can be difficult to get an efiled return accepted by the IRS when there is clergy income.  Over the years our own preparers have tried to efile their own personal tax returns with clergy income.  They are regularly rejected.  At times they can figure out why but there are times they have given up and mailed in a paper return.

You may also be able to efile your state return, but we do not have any recommendations as to what platform you use.  You can efile the federal return and mail the state return or vice versa.

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