Tax Questionnaire

One of the objectives of The Stewardship Services Foundation is to provide tax counseling and preparation services without charge to the fundamental Christian community.  Our duty as individual Christians is to use wisely that which the Lord gives us.  As a steward of God, the success or failure you have with the money God gives you will greatly affect your testimony for Jesus Christ.  That includes paying Uncle Sam that which we owe him.

There are only three requirements you must adhere to in order for The Stewardship Services Foundation to prepare your tax return:

  1. You must have ministry income (*see below) and be a member of a church that agrees with our Doctrinal Statement.
  2. You must use the Tax Data Questionnaire (download below).
  3. We prepare tax returns year-round but if you wish to meet the April 15 deadline, we need your information by March 25th.

Starting in 2011, many preparers must e-file federal income tax returns for individuals.  However, the e-file requirement does not apply when a taxpayer chooses to have the return completed in paper format and the taxpayer, not the preparer, will file the paper return with the IRS.  As a result, the tax services we provide will not change.

Due to the nature of our services and the fact that we prepare returns for taxpayers who are not actually in our presence we will assume that your choice to use our services is also a choice to have a paper return prepared and mailed to you.  As always you will be responsible for filing your return with the IRS.

The Stewardship Services Foundation prepares a tax data questionnaire which is used to prepare your Income Tax Return.  Each tax data questionnaire is designed for a specific tax year.  If you wish us to prepare your taxes, please fill out the appropriate questionnaire.  Please refer to the Tax Checklist for detailed information about what to send with the completed questionnaire.

*Ministry income is income you receive for work as a member of the clergy and that you are treated as clergy for tax purposes.  This means you have the ability to designate a housing allowance and it also means that you have no social security and Medicare taxes withheld.

2023 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2023 tax year

See our online Checklist for what to include when you mail us your information.

2022 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2022 tax year

2021 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2021 tax year

2020 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2020 tax year

2019 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2019 tax year

2018 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2018 tax year

2017 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2017 tax year

2016 Tax Data Questionnaire – for the 2016 tax year

Attention: Tax Law is subject to interpretation. Please be advised that the material contained on this Web site is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. The Stewardship Services Foundation endeavors to update the information on this site on a regular basis, but cannot guarantee its accuracy at all times.